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American doctor’s year out

Travel Travel year out
About This Project

Our team manage the travel requirements for many families and HNWI on a daily basis offering private jets to economy flights.

We had the unique opportunity to plan a round the world trip for an American doctor who was taking a year out. His year started with a round Europe luxury coach trip from London that lasted 6 weeks and ended up back in London.

In London we had arranged for all his vaccinations and visa applications in advance for his crazy year ahead, and planned itinerary that started with London Thailand – Laos – Cambodia and Vietnam.

From here he went to Australia and on to New Zealand, finally flying back to the USA 8 months later via Fiji and Hawaii. During this trip he never knew from one week to the next what he was going to doing, we planned every excursion and told him where to be and what time.

We were available 24-7 and there to support him fully., it was a fun experience and one that neither of us will forget.

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